Welcome to the Heavensent Christian Books & Gifts website! You are also invited to visit our store here in North Las Vegas, Nevada, to experience the sweet, sweet presence of our good, good Father.

You can now purchase here over 40,000 Christian and inspirational items, with an extended list of an additional 50,000 products. Website and in-store prices may not always agree. Please call us for in-store pricing, especially on quantity purchases. Call us at: 702.658.7778

Heavensent Christian Books & Gifts

Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father above, and You are that perfect gift

Independent and family-owned since 2005, Heavensent Christian Books & Gifts began as a dream of being a place of light in the darkness of this world. We exist to extend the love of Christ to the people of Las Vegas and beyond, to speak words of life, hope and love into people's lives, and to provide them with the best in books, Bibles, gifts, music... Show More

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Monday - Saturday
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Store Services

  • On-site Bible imprinting
  • Accompaniment trax burned on-site
  • Quick turnaround on special orders, no service fee
  • Hundreds of Bibles in stock in multiple versions
  • Bible studies and Bible accessories
  • Hundreds of classic and bestselling Christian books, including non-fiction, fiction and reference books
  • A wide selection of Christian and inspirational gifts for all occasions, including Baby, Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, Graduation, Wedding, Anniversary and Memorial gifts.
  • Willow Tree angels and music boxes in-store, as well
  • Jewelry for men and women
  • Church supplies, including communion cups and bread, pre-filled Celebration cups, bulletins, anointing oil and more
  • Clergy apparel. We are a Murphy Robe dealer.
  • Christian apparel for men and women (t-shirts, caps and face masks)
  • Individual greeting cards and boxed cards for everyday and seasonal occasions

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